Dog Blog Vol. I Foreward


1148 A.D.E. (After Dogmerica Established)

Excerpted from the journals of Michael Levy, Chief Archaeologist in charge of fieldwork and restoration of Palm Springs California site 1140-1146 A.D.E.

July 2, 1146 A.D.E.

Excavated from the sub-basement at the site of the Hotel ZoZo, one laptop computer circa 2020 A.D (artifact 2020.3306). After mapping the entire site that contained the remaining contemporaneous artifacts, the corroded, primitive computer was removed from the site and sent to Berkeley for analysis.

September 30, 1146 A.D.E.

Analysis of laptop computer (artifact 2020.3306) hard drive records over eighty e-mails sent by one Picasso T. Mutt. Apparently of an historical and factual nature these entries are non-conforming to our current recorded histories of the early 21st Century. These e-mails indicate a vanishing of the entire human population on a non-specified date early in the third millennium. Obviously no such disappearance is recorded by histories of the time. However, the establishment of Dogmerica and the rapid upward mobility of canines in human society at that time are accurate according to both contemporary and canine historians. Many events recorded by Mr. Mutt are verifiable and coincide with recorded history. For example, the development of the articulated canine prosthetic thumb designed by Dr. Franz Wiener Dog, posthumous winner of the first Nobel Prize awarded a canine scientist, is still widely used by today’s canine population.

Mr. Mutt presents a plausible explanation for the disparity between canine “mythology” and recorded human history. It is up to the reader to decide the veracity of Mr. Mutt’s claim as to the origins of Dogmerica. True or not, no homo sapiens can deny Dogmerica’s existence and profound effect on humano-canine society. The meteoric ascension of dogs in all walks of human endeavor including technology, medicine, economics, political science, literature and art remains clouded in the mists of the past. However, the transition of the canine from house pet to fully functioning member of modern global society is universally undisputed. The origins of that transition, more than one thousand years ago, remain murky. It is possible that Mr. Mutt’s description of that canine evolution is entirely accurate. Many archaeological finds from the early 21st century indicate the subservient and limited role canines played in the human adventure. How that role changed and the acceptance of dogs being mentally superior to homo sapiens was indeed the cause of some civil strife at that time. Histories that record a war between dogs and humans at the beginning of the 21st century have generally been proven false, obviously the fabrications of prejudiced homo sapiens. Mr. Mutt’s unconventional account regarding the disappearance of humanity appears, at first glance, to be far fetched. But upon closer scrutiny Mr. Mutt’s diaries may give the world the first credible description of events occurring over eleven centuries ago.

One truth cannot be denied. We now live in a peaceful world where humans and dogs work together for the benefit of every sentient being, as well as the planet earth itself. It is hard to imagine a society where dogs were treated as mere pets, much as we treat the cats and hamsters of today. In this respect Mr. Mutt recreates a world that has not been seen for over a millennium. It remains to be seen whether further discoveries prove or disprove Mr. Mutt’s depiction of the founding of Dogmerica and the astonishing events that led to its creation.


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